July 27, 2012


Upcoming Show: In a few weeks I will be selling my jewelry at the Blueberry Festival in South Haven.  The show is expected to bring in 50,000 attendees - who knew there were that many blueberry fans!  South Haven is a scenic  destination that brings in tourists who rent vacation homes sprinkled throughout the tiny town.  There are tourists that return every year, some having grown up in the area and live in Chicago or other nearby cities.  There are city women who live there during the week with their children and are joined by their husbands on the weekends.  Others have been lured in from further afield by the white sand beaches and the laid back idyllic small town feel. 

Show Prep Tips: My prep work has included filling out my inventory with a wide range of prices.  This week I worked on a collection of simple pendants with my tiny charms.  My girls both swiped their favorite ones, so that is a good sign.  And they look so cute, perfect for teens or a more delicate, earthy girl. 

Another thing I do when getting ready for a show is to pick a few designs and work it up in several colors/variations like the pendants on the right.  Those feature feather pendants that I created, paired with ceramic beads from Earthenwood Studios (another Michigan girl!) and then the eggs are these awesome metal beads that I found that are shaped like eggs - score! 

My goal for getting ready is to make twice the amount I actually want to sell.  Next up will be earrings.  Tons and tons of earrings - always favorites!

Another essential pre-show prep - new tags and earrings cards.  I have to give a shout out to my amazing designer Rose Noble.  She created the perfect logo for me!

Shop Update: In my Etsy shop I have new cabochons.  These are made for bead embroidery or you can wrap them in filigree.  You could also glue findings on the back to create earrings and a brooch.  Be sure to check out the sale section in my shop for some sweet deals. 

I'm off tomorrow for a day with my family and meeting up with a few friends in my beloved hometown.  I'm also checking out a few possible places for my fall retreat.  I'm looking at mid-October for an Into the Woods inspired retreat.  Details will be coming soon. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with loved ones doing things that make you absolutely giddy!


AliMc said...

Good tips, thank you. Hope you have a great show!

Alice said...

Beautiful, as always! I love that sweet logo that Rose made. I think I'm ready for a fresh new logo myself.

Best of luck at the show!

rose said...

Holla back atcha girl! ;)