August 21, 2007

More Photo Tips

Practice makes perfect when it comes to improving your photography.

These images were taken by Beverly Herman, aka my mom. These are the before and afters.

All of these pictures were taken with the same camera. She had thought her camera was out-of-date and not able to take adequate photos for her website and etsy shop. She has a Kodak Easy Share LS753 with 5 mega pixels that she has had for about 5 years.

What did she do different?

1. She used the macro lens feature on her camera.

2. She used a desk OTT-lite that has a true color spectrum bulb. (I need one!)

3. She took her photos on her desk on a sheet of white paper.

4. She used the level option on her Photoshop program to adjust the light levels on her image. See Lori Greenberg's article on photographing beads and jewelry for detailed instructions.

She has been working to update her etsy shop with her new photos and I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing difference her new pictures make!

The bracelet on the top features my Branch Cuff Bead in teal and happens to be one of the classes she is teaching on the Bead Cruise.


Elaine Ray said...

Wow! Nice visuals to give us real comparisons to look at. Thanks for the reminder about how important good pictures are.

- Elaine

ingeniouslycreative said...

Thank you Heather, this really is helpful to me. My photos are badly needing improvement and I shall try these tips you have mentioned. The ott lite sounds good since we haven't had much sun here in England this summer. Carol

Block Party Press said...

The pictures look great. Photography is so important when you sell on the internet. I really saw an increase in sales when I started to improve my photos and now I actually enjoy taking product shots.

AnnieRoso said...

What a talented family! Your mom's work is lovely. Thanks for the link to the photography tutorial -- if things ever calm down enough, I'd like to figure out how to work the Photoshop that's just languishing on our computer w/ no one to use it.

Copperheart said...

wow! the photos and the pieces are both amazing.
Thanks for the good photo advice