October 22, 2008

3 Day Sale!

Oh my goodness, I have more ideas and beads than I can contain. I thought my Etsy shop was getting a little out of hand, so I marked some items on sale from now until the 25th. Grab them up, some will be back later, others won't. I need to make room for the new work.

The nostalgia of the holidays have inspired me this week. I have my favorites from last year, snowmen pendants and collage ornaments. I also have new ornaments, beads and some very cute little gift bead sets I'm excited about.

Do you give beads as gifts? I do, they are also some of my favorite gifts to receive. My mom gave me a few storage containers one year filled with beads, ah that was a little slice of gifty heaven!

But not to jump too far ahead Block Party Press featured my squirrel on her blog today, she wrote about squirrel-frenzy inspiration!

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