October 26, 2008

Handmade Sunday

I bought my first Christmas present of year last week! This tiny Scottie from BlossomHill is for my youngest daughter. She is going to love him! I did a ton of shopping on etsy last year and plan to do some more damage to my paypal account this year. But I think this little scottie will get lonely, so I'll need to try my hand at this project:

Softy Scottie Dog Tutorial from All Sorts. Here is a Flickr pool for those who have tried the pattern, it's amazing how much it changes from using different fabric and trim. I need to find some dark gray felt to make a little family of scotties.

Enjoy your Sunday. I hope it's filled with family, laughs and little creating! I have two Halloween customs to finish sewing. Wish me luck!


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agoodwitchtoo said...

How cute are those? I can't wait to see your Scottie family :)

Beverly Herman said...

That black scottie is the cutest. Looks like Cricket. I love Hand-made Sundays