October 25, 2008

Funny Caption Winner

Karin was randomly drawn from this week's entries. You guys had me rolling all week. I am definitely going to have to take another photo and do round #3 on Monday.

Notice anything different? OMGosh, for the love of templates. I have been having fits with this one today. It will only let the little sidebar widgets and images go to 125 pixels. Headache city, I can not figure out how to adjust the template to get those sidebars wider. If you can help me, I will send you humble goodies. It's Motrin time.

I'm considering paying for a holiday themed blog template. The search is on... I want something snazzy and all designer-ish, like the fancy blogs.

Holiday items are coming soon! It's the last week of October. That's almost enough to make me say a swear word.


Lorelei Eurto said...

Oh man, wish I could help you.
It's almost as if the widgets aren't really designed to fit a 3 column template. I'll be anxious to see if anyone has tips for this.
I'd like a fancier blog too. Let me know if you find a good designer.

Rosanne said...

I was looking at all the templates that are available and there wasn't one that showed three columns. Some just had more room than others. Good luck on your quest. Are you keeping the background white? IMHO...its to stark and doesn't show off your beautiful photos very well.