October 11, 2008

Beady Weekend

Today was a very busy day, I had a nice stack of orders to ship out. Thanks to my bead-packing man, they were shipped with very little oversight from me. I like that. I taught him how to print my invoices & labels and he can wrap a mean little package, complete with ribbon. My hero!

5 new projects have been sent out. A few more cropped up on the bead table. I took a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for some essentials. Ha! When do you go into a craft store and only get essentials? We are planning a $10 Tuesday feature for the Art Bead Scene and they had quite a few interesting findings for 50% off. So, those were essential, right?

Tomorrow I'm going to the bead show with my dear friend. We'll spend time chatting and scheming creative plans. I like scheming! Maw-ha-ha-ha. (That's my evil craft laughter. You know, because the laugh is just about standards.)


Rosanne said...

I love this guy, Dr. Horrible, he makes me laugh. Have fun at your bead show today.

Beverly Herman said...

I am going to have to break down and watch this Dr. Horrible man. I love your evil crafter laugh. The new earrings are beautiful!