October 13, 2008

Craft Business Resources

I was looking up some information for a friend and thought I'd share a few resources with those who have Etsy shops & other creative businesses.

1. Did you know you can download your Etsy sales and billing information into a spreadsheet? I did not know Etsy provided this service, how handy! Check out the how-to article here.

2. Need a spreedsheet for your inventory, sales & expenses? Etsy has a free one you can download: Etsy Seller Inventory Worksheet. There are several to take a look at on the page and see if one works for you.

3. Free online and local advice/mentoring is available through SCORE for small businesses. They have tons of resources on their site too. If you have a local chapter in your area they also offer inexpensive workshops. Check out their website!

4. The friendly folks at Modish have awesome online marketing articles. Want to know how to crack the online marketing code, get featured in the top indie blogs or how to find your niche? Go read the Modish Marketing Column, you can subscribe and have them sent directly to your inbox.

The bead show was fun. I picked up some brass/copper/gunmetal findings, just some basics for a great price! I spent Sunday morning finishing up new holiday beads. After the show I sat down and created the samples for my new holiday line. I have new ornaments - birds and retro snowflakes. I made some dove beads and a few new bird necklaces. I also pulled out my holiday inventory because I think it's time to start listing these bad boys again. Now, if you'll excuse me Bing Cosby and I have a date in the studio.


cindy said...

Heather, thanks for the info! I will be checking out these sites.

Beverly Herman said...

Thanks for posting the info for you friend. I think we will find this information useful!!
Can't wait to see the new things you have made for the holidays.

Beth Hikes said...

Really helpful, Heather! Thanks for the tips :)

Beverly Herman said...

Heather did I tell you I could hear Bing Cosby singing all the way over here in New Orleans?