October 30, 2008

Beading Across the Miles

This was fun and unexpected. Rosanne had sent me a little care package this summer with various treasures from Bead & Button, they have been sitting in my studio waiting.

Rosanne created this necklace earlier this fall using one of my bird pendents. You'll notice the seed beads on the right. She named this piece Indian Summer, for those brief days in the fall when the weather turns warm again. This was her first asymmetrical design, I'm so proud.
Last night my mom sent me this photo of a bracelet she just made using the same seed beads. They look like colorful kernels of corn, don't they? The bracelet is called Harvest Moon. In case you are wondering those beads have been crocheted together, each one interlocked into a chain. I love it! I joked that I should make earrings and we'd have a complete set.

So when I came into the studio today I spent a few minutes whipping up these earrings using the same beads. I'll call these ones Seeds of Change. I paired mine with gunmetal findings, chain and my teal Branch disk beads.
After I finished it was fun to think of how this strand of beads connected my family across the country - in Michigan, Louisiana and Texas. You know what they say, "The family that crafts together, stays together." Well, okay maybe I'm the only one who says that!


Beth Hikes said...

oh, heather those earrings are to die for. They remind me of something a pair of ancient Persian earrings I saw in a museum once. I love the title too!

Beverly Herman said...

Heather send those earrings to Louisiana. They will go perfect with my bracelet! I think it is great to see the same beads used by all of us turning out completely different designs.

Rosanne said...

I'm wearing my necklace today! I was smart about one thing, and bought two hanks of those seedbeads. I think Bev's bracelet and those earrings would be a perfect match for me.

agoodwitchtoo said...

Beautiful pieces! And did you say crocheted together??? Amazing!

Left you a gift on my blog... and posted seven random facts about myself with a little twist...

Elizabeth Garcia Kalka said...

what a talented family!

Heather Powers said...

Thanks Beth, I like that they reminded you of something ancient.

Rosanne, we'll have to wear our creations one day when we are together!

Mom, hint, hints huh?

Thanks Liz, we do enjoy beads in my family.