October 6, 2008

ETC First Monday Sale!

Who doesn't love a good sale? Well, how about 70 of them?

The Etsy Texas Crafters street team is having their monthly promotion today. You can view all the sale details here. In my shop, I'm extending the free shipping discount and for orders over $30 I have a free gift for you!

I had a wonderful weekend. I actually took the day off yesterday. My schedule has helped me keep on top of the orders. I could shed a tear over how happy this makes me! Yesterday I did some cleaning, rearranging my yarn drawer and made a skirt. Yep, I sew. It was for my youngest, I appliqued a little squirrel on it. I'll take a photo when she comes home from school. Oh and I did some fall decorating. Trading out the seashells for squirrels, acorns, leaves and pumpkins. Now if only it would get cold around here. I keep looking at my scarves, wishing for a chill in the air!

On the bead table today: owl & raven necklaces, pumpkin and leaf inspired earrings, Thanksgiving napkin rings...and some tiny little teal birds for earrings. Yep, cuteness abounds today!

Have you started decorating for fall or any crafty seasonal projects? I'd love to hear about them!


Rosanne said...

You can bet I have. Seashells are gone and I pulled out my gourds and wooden bowls. Ceramic leaves are all over the table tops. I need to get my Halloween things out too. I got my package in the mail today...love it and you too!

cindy said...

Great, more sales! I'm glad I checked your blog today!

Anonymous said...

Love the beads - particularly like the little owl there.

Fall is well in progress here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tooaquarius/2919409593/