October 2, 2008

It's a Miracle!

Yesterday a miracle occurred on Mistletoe Ave. and no it's wasn't a Christmas miracle. I am completely caught up on all orders. Every order! I can't remember the last time I was ahead of the game. Jess had 2 days off, so I put that guy to work. Whips were cracking, well okay, just me whining. But it worked.

So, you know what that means? New beads!!!

I put the new Branch beads up today. The Klimt beads are on my table awaiting their photo shoot. Oh, it's a good day in the Humblebeads Studio.
Are you a scheduler or do you work according to your muse? I'd love to hear some of your time management tips or leave me a comment if you've read a good article or website on juggling it all! I was a "put out the fire" kind of girl, working on the most urgent items as they were needed. But last week I came up with a schedule to keep on track and work a little smarter. Seems to be working! Now if I just clone myself...


Lorelei Eurto said...

Oh I am terrible at scheduling. which tends to be a problem when submitting work to magazines.
I can think of a thousand things I'd rather be doing at the moment that I know I should be working diligently on a deadline project.
While you are cloning yourself, can you clone me too?
appreciate it

cindy said...

I work 3 days a week at my "day" job, and usually spend 3 days on my jewelry business. Sometimes it overlaps into the 4th day! I usually have so many ideas that I just go, go, go with designing. I did read a good article about time management and jewelry business, by Rena Klingenberg,but I don't remember the article's title. You can search her articles at: www.home-jewelry-business-success-tips.com or www.jewelry-business-blog.com.

Anonymous said...

I work with a loose schedule - my artwork is a part-time job, income wise but majority income job is also self-employment based so my schedule is flexible.

That said, multi-tasking is a good way to get very little done well. So during the loose blocks I divide my week into I try hard to focus on the project that is at hand for that block. It's a simplified version of David Allen's Getting Things Done.

A fabulous productivity site for anyone is: http://www.zenhabits.net

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

The only solution I've found is that sleep is over-rated - the only way to add more hours to the day. Since I work a full-time job outside, sometimes lots and lots of hours, I snatch a few here and there where I can. Instead of cloning me, could you just add a couple extra hours to the day - or more days to the weekend would work too!

gillberk said...

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