October 8, 2008


I'm not real big on Halloween, I'm more of a harvest girl myself. Maybe it was looking through my old fall issues of Home Companion and Martha Stewart that did it. I worked up some cute little Halloween inspired jewelry.

An ode to Edgar Allen Poe.

Pumpkin Earrings

Little Hoot Pendant

Harvest Stripe Earrings
I think I've been listening to NPR too much today. Seems like the world is falling apart. Makes me thankful for what I have and reminds me that in feast or famine there is joy in it all.
How has the economy effected your business? Are you planning a wider range of price points? Making smaller items? Purchasing your materials at wholesale for a bigger discount? Creating larger, more expensive pieces to appeal to those outside of middle America?
Chin up creatives, we have the greatest power in the world, know-how. We can create something from nothing and relish in a make-do way using what we have. And isn't that just amazing? Celebrate it!
Well, let's take our minds off it all tomorrow and meet for the Bead Art Originals trunk show.


Rosanne said...

I believe that there are as many people still with money as there is without it. Some people haven't been effected by the way things have been going at all.
If you have your health and family and the things you "need" that's gonna have to be the way for a
while, you aren't alone. Turn off the news...its just scare tactics anyway. And I love y our new earrings!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Hi Heather! You've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

My goal throughout this upcoming craft show season is to remain positive and ride out any economic downturn. Whiny vendors are a pet peeve of mine - they are annoying and it's just bad form!

Otherwise, it's business as usual. :-)

laurelmoon said...

Oh, I love the wee raven! It's adorable!

Erin Siegel said...

Love all your fall inspired jewelry pieces here! So cute!

We don't watch the regular news in my house anymore. We just stay informed enough to know what's going on in the world. I'm staying positive about everything. I'm just starting out in the bead-making world and it's exciting for me right now just being in this environment with all of you here! I'm having a lot of fun interacting with other jewelry and bead makers! Thanks, Heather! Off to add you to my blog list now!

Gaea said...

I had to turn off NPR months ago, mostly because of the war and having wee ones in the car with me, they don't need to hear it. We've been listening to music and singing. I LOVE the new halloween goodies! Yay!

simplybeadiful said...

I think it is "stay the course". I have introduced some new things in a different price point, and I am branching out to find other avenues to sell my work, but I don't want to compromise my integrity by sacrificing quality components or using art beads. It will pick up, and if my pieces are more appealing to those who are less affected then so be it! I am focusing on getting more published (and it is working! I won the cover contest of Bead Trends) which will hopefully drive more interest. Great post as usual with loads to think about and eye candy to boot!
Erin, Tesori Trovati Jewelry